22 February 2006

Here is an addendum to my earlier post. I forgot to mention one of the more unusual dining experiences I have had here in NZ. First, I have to provide a little background into my eating habits. Well, back in the day I didn't eat anything. I liked to think of myself as a vegetarian that didn't eat vegetables. I didn't eat anything that came from the sea, no way would I eat beef or chicken or turkey. The only way I would eat any of those is to cut them into the smallest pieces and swallow them like pills. So, you might call me a picky eater. So my tastes have changed dramatically since I left for college a million years ago. So anyways now I love seafood and I like to try local specialties when I go places. Like in Costa Rica when we were going through the rain forest our guide was like hey try some termites- They were yummy tasted like pine nuts. So anyways long story short kate and I were driving along the west coast this weekend and we saw a local specialty on the menu "whitebait patty with chips." So we think hmm something like a crab cake but made with white fish. So, when I got this whitebait patty Kate started laughing hysterically because what I had sitting before me was a 8 inch diameter omelet full of these bad boys. Just like in the picture only envision some yellow egg around them. No my friends they were not deboned or deheaded. Lots of little fishies staring up at me saying "do you really want to eat me?" Well no but damnit I bought you and Kate is laughing at me so I can't very well pass up on this glorious opportunity to eat. I think I did a mighty good job and ate about 40% of that monster including dozens of those little guys.


Anonymous Padre said...

Not nice to make my stomach hurt with laughing so early in the day, Brian! That picture of the little fishies was most appetizing.

So, you used to be a picky eater, huh? Vegetarian who wouldn't eat vegetables, huh? You just forgot to mention the craving for those high quality and high nutrition foods, overcooked bacon and pepperoni.

And, after reading Kate's post, it is good to know that you won't be looking for a sideline as car thief. I did hear that Wendy's is looking for someone who will taste all the new menu items for them...
Keep those adventures coming. Love, DadM

22 February, 2006 04:41  
Anonymous Toni said...

Brian & Kate:
You have definitely gone to the other side of the scale as far as eating adventures go. You could have gotten out the eating experience by pleading egg allergy, but you are a bit stubborn when it comes to a challenge.
Love, Mom M

22 February, 2006 05:26  
Anonymous Tito said...

Looks yummy!

22 February, 2006 06:20  
Anonymous Kevin said...

Brian, how does that look for your evaluation of this rotation if they start asking "Where is that bloody American med student? Oh, it's after lunch, so he must be AWOL." Don't they care at all?

Also, you have confirmed that you are the most stubborn person I know. I wouldn't care what a few Kiwis thought of me refusing to eat something that looks like it would disgust a caprophage. You just have to be your own man, don't you?

Anyway, still enjoying the blog. Have a good time playing hooky.


22 February, 2006 06:23  
Blogger Beth said...

that is disgusting Brian, but I am proud of you! I know I could not have done something like that. And you just leave? I am jealous. Have fun these next weeks, they sound like fun!

22 February, 2006 08:26  

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