22 January 2006

Things are not going as planned! Two days until we leave and the airlines are out to get us. The good news is I have all my clothes packed and ready to go. I just have to get together our toiletries and the rest of the backpacking gear. Brian, however, is 0% packed, and here is why. He was supposed to fly back from Chicago on Friday night, but there was a blizzard or something and all the flights to Ohio were cancelled. Of course, they couldn't just say that, they had to prolong the whole ordeal for 4 hours before they officially canceled the flights. Anyway, Brian ended up landing in Cincinnati and his parents picked him up and brought him here around noon on Saturday. To make a long story short, we (he) procrastinated all day and was planning on getting some packing done this morning before he left to go back to Chicago for another interview tomorrow. Then, surprise, most of the flights to Chicago were cancelled, AGAIN, and we ended up finding out at 0950 that the only way he was going to make it to Chicago was to be at the airport at 1030. So he threw his suit in a bag, jumped in the car and off we went. So now I'm back to getting ready for the whole trip on my own! ARGH!! If I'm still sane by the time we get to New Zealand, it'll be a miracle.


Blogger Dida said...

Wandered over from Erin's site to just say I'm insanely jealous you get to wander Middle Earth for 7 weeks.

Have a fabulous time!

23 January, 2006 13:54  
Anonymous Big Scott said...

Hey Brian and Kate... Sounds like you two are having an awesome time. What is the health care like there? Miss ya. Enjoy your time there.

30 January, 2006 23:58  

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