19 May 2006

Hey there! Still reading this blog? Well lucky for you I have an update. First some pictures from Samoa.

Samoa was absolutely beautiful, undeveloped and hot. So hot we forgot to take pictures. Well not forgot, but it was actually too much effort. All we wanted to do was lay in the shade and look at the water. We also did some snorkeling, which was underwater, so no pictures for you!

Next up in the random combo blog we have pictures from our trip to South Carolina. Brian and I went to Folly Beach, near Charleston last week with my parents. We had a nice, laid back, no hurrying allowed week on the beach. Brian got some neat shots of the moon over the beach.

These were taken from the balcony off our condo. Every day we could see dolphins no more than 10 - 20 feet offshore. Not a bad view, ey?

This is the Angel Oak, said to be more than 1400 years old. No, I did not add an extra 0, it really is 1400 years old!

We also visited a nature preserve in a swamp, where I found a place to hide:

The tree was hollow all the way up to the top so it was remarkably light inside.

On the last day there we built a beautiful sand castle. Then we captured a bird and forced him pose for a picture. Just kidding, nature loves us and came to be in our picture. Congrats seagull, you're gonna be a star!

Last, but certainly not least, we have a new addition to our family. Introducing Lily!

Lily came from my coworker Cortney and is one of 7 kittens. Cortney also has 5 kids who played with the little babies everyday. She is one easy going girl. She's not one bit scared of Diesel. She actually goes and sits in his food bowl while he's eating. Tito is not a huge fan of her, he absolutely refused to be in the same room with her for the first couple days she was here. Today he started swatting at her, and to our delight, she swats right back.

Lily didn't leave her family completely behind. Her sister Emmy went home with my mom. Here's a picture of Lily getting her smack on.

To be fair, Emmy did give just as much as she got. They were both pretty tired by the end of the night. Another member of the litter may be joining our extended family as well. Brian's brother Chris may be adopting one of the brothers from the litter. He was a fantastic little guy that we almost took home ourselves so we're excited that he'll be around for us to visit.

Last but not least, Tito says: "That little kitten is a waste of food. Send her back and feed me more."


Blogger barbie said...

Wonderful pics! Brian you sure take some good pics, some of them look like they belong in a magazine. Lily is very cute. I hope Tito isn't too mean to her. Kate, i've enjoyed reading your blog. Please keep udating it, i'm pretty sure my last day will be may 31.

21 May, 2006 18:57  
Anonymous Toni said...

You have some great pictures of the new car & the new kitten. Thanks for sharing with us again. I love the pictures you added from S.C. and Samoa.

I'd like to see if you can capture all three of your pets in one picture!

Love, Mom M

26 May, 2006 08:17  

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