20 February 2006

Hi Everyone! Not much time for posting today but I wanted to put up a tentative itinerary of our plans for the next few weeks. Brian's rotation ends on Friday and we're packing up and leaving Christchurch behind. Thursday Brian's friend Andrew from medical school is flying into Christchurch. On Friday we're going to go to some wineries in the Waipara region. Saturday morning we leave to drive to Te Anau which is in the Fiordland region of NZ. Sunday we start the Kepler Track which will take us until Wednesday to complete. After that we're planning on a trip to Milford Sound to maybe meet up with some of Brian's other classmates, Chris and Daniel. Then on Thursday or Friday we're heading to Queenstown to take day off before starting the Routeburn Track on Saturday. That one will take us until Monday to finish. We'll spend the next few days exploring, hopefully going to Doubtful Sound and kayaking, taking some short day hikes, eventually making our way back to Chch on Friday. Saturday our flight leaves for Samoa where we'll be until late Tuesday night. We get back into Columbus on Wednesday evening. It's all moving pretty fast, the end is in sight, and I'm not ready to come home! Pair that with the fact that match day is the day after we get back, and I'm on my way to getting back all that stress I've left behind! I'm not ready for someone to tell me where I'll be living for the next 4 years! I'll try to post more info about where we'll be and through some pictures up whenever we get to a internet cafe with a way to upload pictures. But until then it may be few and far between posts to the blog! (Don't worry mom, I'll still call, it's OK!)


Anonymous Toni said...

Kate & Brian:
I do believe that you have your time very adventure-packed. I don't know how Kate can say that she has time to relax with all the exploring and trekking you two have planned over the next few weeks. With the beautiful pictures and the adventures that you have experienced, you could write a travel book on NZ!
Thanks for being so faithful on sharing your travels with us
Love, Mom M

21 February, 2006 05:27  
Blogger Erin said...

The end may be in sight, but you guys have so much exploring to do!! Enjoy your few remaining days. We look forward to seeing your guys when you return. And, I'll be sacrificing a cow or something for you guys to receive good placement!

Love you!

21 February, 2006 06:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate and Brian- enjoy the rest of your time there and take advantage of every opportunity! We miss you and we'll see you in a few weeks! Love, Jill and Adam

21 February, 2006 07:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and Brian,
That sounds like a fun and somewhat exhausting way to end your adventure. I know you will enjoy it and I'm enjoying checking up on you, so make sure you update when you get a chance!
No stress Kate :)
Love, Jenny

21 February, 2006 12:15  

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