13 March 2006

Hi from Samoa! There's something I haven't said before! We arrived safe and sound here early Saturday morning. The airport is very small and when our airplane pulled up they turned on the outside lights to greet us. We had a small issue in customs because they only allow you to bring 1 liter of alcohol in and we both had several bottles of wine we had bought during our travels. I thought we were going to have to drink it right then! But they eventually let us keep it since we told them we were only going to be in the country for less than 72 hours. After that we went out to find the bus to our fale for the night. (Everything is a fale here, a meeting fale, a sleeping fale, a breakfast fale - basically a floor and a mat or cushion with a palm leaf roof on top.) As we walked out someone was holding a sign that said Prine and Kate. You guessed it, Brian's name is now Prine. Anyway, the city of Apia has most of the modern conveniences, but is still very small. We spent the last couple of days on the beach. On Saturday night the place we were staying at had a fia fia, which means celebration. It was very neat, there was even a traditional fire dance! It's very beautiful here but this place is hotter than you know where. Last night I had the bright idea that we should leave the mozzie (mosquito) netting off so that it wouldn't be so hot when we were sleeping. Poor Brian woke up this morning with over 100 mozzie bites. No exaggeration, either. He's being a very good sport about it. Yesterday we went snorkeling and saw thousands of beautiful fish in every color you could imagine. And we were only 20 - 30 feet from shore! I've enjoyed our time here but I'll be glad to go back to the states where them temperature isn't 35 degrees celsius! I think we're going to go see a movie this afternoon just to pass the time before our flight leaves in a place with air conditioning. See you all soon!


Anonymous Toni said...

Kate & Brian:
We were just saying that you would probably have culture shock when you got back to Columbus. Now I might amend that to say that small conveniences may be well appreciated after your adventures! We're looking forward to seeing you soon. Safe travels home.
Love, Mom M

14 March, 2006 07:25  

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