24 February 2006

Well we are officially vagabonds! We packed up our apartment, sent home a bunch of extra clothing a stuff and are now touring the South Island. We're traveling with Brian's friend Andrew. Last night we spent the night at a sheep farm called Buscot Station. It was basically a privately owned sheep farm that the family opened up to let people stay there. It was a nice place to stop for a night. Today we made it all the way to Te Anu which is a nice backpacker town. We met someone from Wisconsin and had dinner with them. Sometimes it's nice to converse with another American! Tomorrow morning we start the Kepler trek so it will be at least 4 days till I have a chance to post again. Till then...


Anonymous Toni said...

Kate & Brian:
We are glad you found a place to post another message. It's amazing how the internet has made our communication so speedy.
When I has having some issues over a tivo device the other day, Chris & Allan called me a Luddite. But give me a break.
Take care and enjoy your travels.
Love, Mom M

25 February, 2006 04:49  
Anonymous Padre said...

Oh, like we call other members of our family names...I won't use your blog to give you the whole story, but...
We do hope that you are able to let us hear how you're doing every so often, but know that you should concentrate on enjoying the adventure. Have a great time and watch out for those roadside food stands, but how could anything top the little fishies omelet, yes?
Love, DadM

25 February, 2006 07:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you are guys are having a great time! can't wait for the next blog


25 February, 2006 08:29  
Blogger Erin said...

Good to hear from you guys! Have a wonderful time and stay safe!


25 February, 2006 09:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kate & brian
I,ve really enjoyed the commentary and the pictures. If you decide to leave medicine you could have a second career in travel books. I'm even going to show it to Ron at home. Kate, if you want a little piece of gossip, Amber is supposed to marry Keller in 4 weeks.

Have fun,

Gwen Thornton

25 February, 2006 10:40  
Anonymous jeff buehner said...

Hi Kate and Brian,

It s Jeff (PT Jeff), I didn't even know you guys were out of town, let alone out of the country (or hemishphere!)...Hope you guys are having a great time, Clintonville hasn't change much, as I'm sure you were worried about it. Have a blast!..email me if you have access jeff.buehner@gmail.com. See you soon Jeff PT

25 February, 2006 10:44  

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