28 January 2006

Hello everyone! It’s finally time for my first real post from New Zealand! We’ve spent the past couple days wandering around Christchurch, transitioning to the time change and just being generally discombobulated. Here’s a quick run-down of what we’ve been up to.

First, our apartment. Here are some pictures of home sweet home.

The kitchen. Which, if you turn around, conveniently becomes…

The “lounge.” (Which is apparently a living/dining area.) Directly behind Brian is the little bedroom.

Our apartment also has a bathroom with a toilet (obviously). But the interesting thing about New Zealand toilets is they have two buttons to choose from when it’s time to flush. See:

Has anyone ever seen this before?? We decided that the one on the left means “half-flush,” to be used for number one. The one on the right is “whole-flush, for number two situations. How logical! Co-workers, this would mean that our bathroom in the nurses’ station should only have the button on the left!

Finally, our flat has a very cute front patio:

and backyard.

Our big event from yesterday was buying a car. Here’s a picture of our new mode of transportation.

It’s name is Kiwi, due to it uncanny resemblance to a Kiwi Bird, the national bird of New Zealand.

This fine piece of automobile set us back NZ$ 900. That’s about US$ 630. It’s a 1985 Mazda Familia. The little guy actually drives great and will be enough to get us out to see the South Island.

Hey dad, if you were in New Zealand, today would be your birthday!! So Happy Birthday on January 29, whenever that may be!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you guys are adjusting well. nice ride! hope you are having a great time. The apt looks cute. can't wait for more updates.

29 January, 2006 06:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

duh i forgot to put my name on that post.


29 January, 2006 06:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The apartment looks very quaint. What's the weather like there - looks very sunny!! It's amazing how in touch you can be from half way around the world. By the way - are you keeping the car??

We are taking your dad and mom out for dinner tonight for your dad's birthday - Pig Iron BBQ. I promise to schedule a "play date" with your mom soon. We will keep watching the blog for more updates.

Love, Uncle Mark & Aunt Kristin

29 January, 2006 08:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I think it is so cool that you have made a blog. I will follow it closely! The apartment looks so cute and clean too. That car is cracking me up. Kate, enjoy the time off. Brian, enjoy the time working, but in a completely different environment. Are the lab values reported on the same scale as the US? That would take some getting used to. Hopefully opthamology will be low-key so that you can relax and enjoy the country too. I'm looking forward to more updates :)
Jenny & Brad

29 January, 2006 09:54  
Anonymous Ivory said...

Kate & Brian,
I am happy to see and read that you guys made it. I miss you already!!!!! Well nothing much more to say but don't forget to take lots of pictures. Go by the place where they filmed Lord of the Rings and get some pictures of that also.

29 January, 2006 16:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the longest distance birthday wish I've ever had. The kiwi looks something like your first little car.

29 January, 2006 18:06  
Blogger Erin said...

The apartment is so cute! And there is sun there! Ahhhh....

30 January, 2006 05:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahha ahhh i love you guys i miss you and i hope everything is going well. umm i think you should bring that car home and let us play with it, i would find it amusing. Love you and take care!!


30 January, 2006 11:19  

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