13 February 2006

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all the comments! You do love me!

I actually don't have anything big to say today. Last night Brian and I went to see the movie River Queen. It's about the battles between the Maori and the British for the then unsettled New Zealand. I thought it was OK, the scenery was beautiful but I don't like it when all the good people die. Not that ALL the good people died, but a lot of people died and that's sad. But it was good to get an idea of NZ history.

As for the American food, so far I've had KFC for dinner once. It was not so much like American KFC. It was fried chicken, but that's about as far as it went. It wasn't bad, but no biscuit, no mac and cheese. We also had subway for lunch once. That was EXACTLY like it is in the US. Who would have thought that subway would be comfort food?

In the Maori language the letters wha are pronounced like fu. So whakapapa is pronounced like fu...oh, never mind. How'd you like to go skiing there?

I'm at the library so I can't post pictures, but next time I'm at the internet cafe I'll put up a picture of Brian being eaten by a wave (well, not really) and the coolest kiddie ride in all of NZ.

My aunt Kristen was asking about the officers shooting officers situation. Co-workers, any new updates? Is the officer we like still doing OK? Is the officer we're scared of still free to roam around the state and shoot people? You can email me if you're not cool with posting it on here! katemitchell.rn@gmail.com


Blogger Erin said...

wha sounds like 'f' huh? hee hee hee hee hee!

14 February, 2006 06:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, as far as i know, the one we like is doing ok. still isn't to be up moving around much, cause the bullet is still in his leg. the crazy one is out on 250,000 bond and on HOUSE ARRESST. thats as much as i know. i'll try to let you know if i hear anything else.

14 February, 2006 18:02  

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