14 February 2006

I hope everyone's Valentine's day is going well. We had a quite uneventful day here yesterday. I got Brian a card and he got me...well, nothing. Oh well, you all know Brian. We did have a nice dinner at home. Dinner prices here on V-day are rediculous. Somewhere in the order of NZ$200 per person at the places Brian looked at. So we just hung out at home and got ready for our next backpacking adventure. We're leaving tonight to Drive to Mt.Cook and then tomorrow morning we'll start our hike straight up the mountain. We should be back on Saturday or Sunday depending on what all we see. Check back then!


Anonymous Ivory said...

Hello honey,
are you getting stressed or bored over there? Why did you go off the other day? I check on you guys as much as I can. Do you want to know what is going on? I'll tell you. Joyce is watching me. Nora has taken off a couple days a week for Black History Month. Cortney is not pregnant but she might when she comes back from vacation. Valerie is off of work until March 5th. Bev did the schedule and there are no complaints. There are still a lot of doctors runnin' around here so Brian should not feel left out. Nikki O. is going to the float pool. The transporter is trying to hit on Martina. Maria was diggin up her nose, she says she was just wiping it. Jill is still smilin'. Jessica got her Faith Hill, Tim McGraw tickets and we have to hear about it. There's a doctor on the phone violating HIPPA!!!!! Katie has to take Joyce home. Joyce is wearing a Valentine's vest & X-mas socks. It's ugly!!!!!!
You guys have a fun day over there. The pictures are wonderful. I miss you.

14 February, 2006 14:48  
Anonymous Tito said...

Thanks for my birthday present. Well, half my present, I "happened" upon the full present four feet up on the laundry room shelf two weeks ago, heh heh! Oh, and I am not fat. I have gained maybe only 5 or 10 pounds since you left. (Little Ms. Stuck-up cat who lives here is too good to eat all her food so I am simply helping out with the left-overs.) Miss you.

14 February, 2006 15:38  
Anonymous DadL said...

I didn't post any comments because I knew I couldn't resist asking if the deer was trying to pickpocket your driver's license. But since you want comments...

I gave Tom F. your blog address, but I'm not sure if he, Mary, or the girls have looked yet. His Kate was part of an exchange program and went to France a while back. It is their turn to host the French student this week.

I also gave your blog address to a college intern who worked in our office but who recently returned to Dubai, United Arab Emirates after graduation. I told her she should start a blog and call it 9hoursearlier, which should give you an idea of which is closer - UAE or NZ.

Tito has adopted a new excercise routine. It is the feline version of dancersize. He jumps sidways around the family room while Alleycat sits on the couch and watches. I think she views it as so much juvenile kitty behavior. And I don't think it is so much that she doesn't want to eat her food, it's just that he has learned that if he inhales his food and then goes over and stares at her, she will eventually leave and he can finish hers. So I try to give her only what she can finish before he gets done with his and stares her down. I think Alleycat is losing weight as a result.

Your mom and I watched an episode of Extreme Homes on HGTV last night and, lo and behold, they had a house in Christchurch on there. The house had a two-story conservatory that had over 100 tropical plants, including big trees (one of which was shaped like a bunny - just kidding (about the shape, not the tree part)) and a big second floor balcony overlooking the pool on the first floor. Your mother thinks it almost perfectly meets her definition of a "stick out". I'm going to have to convince her that a window greenhouse with a bowl of water and some African violets is just as good.

Enjoy the glacier! (although I can't figure out why anyone would go halfway around the world, to a country in the middle of summer, and then spend the better part of 3 days going someplace that is cold and icy. You shoulda just stayed here - all that would be just outside your door.)


14 February, 2006 16:14  
Blogger Erin said...

Update from the mother ship: Dick Cheney, heh... That's funny (in a sad sort of way). No one (present company excluded) is giving me any assistance on figuring out what the hell to do about school. OSU continues to have a stick up their butts and MTC has a 'wait list' that NO ONE will give me any details on. We didn't celebrate Valentine's day, although Brad brought home a flower for me and chocolate for Maddie. Brad is obsessed with playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer on X Box. We have a playdate tomorrow, and I am so not looking forward to it.

I hope you guys are having fun! And I look forward to seeing your pictures when you return!

Love you!

14 February, 2006 20:28  
Blogger Hello you two! said...

Hello Kate and Brian,
Jill will be heading off soon on her trip this Friday, she was really excited to be going to Cancun for a couple of days. Can you blame her, the sun all day long, hehehe!! My trip to San Antonio is about 30 days away, and I am ready for a vacation. I was looking at your blog from January till now, the secenery is beautiful, you guys were blessed to be able to go to New Zealand, it is a life time experience. It sounds like you guys are enjoying your stay, relax and have fun seeing the sites. Kate it would also take me awhile to learn how to drive on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car, but you are a smart one! hehehee!! The pictures of your apartment look like it is cute and nice and homey. I cannot believe the deer coming up to you, that would have been scary but the picture was funny, you looked like you were saying "What the heck is this animal doing" heheheee!! Enjoy yourselves and have fun, we miss you. Take Care.
I am the first posting for today on Feburary 15th. hehheee!!
See ya guys,

15 February, 2006 09:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KATE...KATE...KATE....why did you leave and not tell me? I have to do my one day every 6 months work to find out you are gone!!! Where is my little name tag that everybody has and I feel REALLY left out..... :( I KNOW you made me one too! School is good, kids are bad...and life is OK! Hope your having fun in the sun. Charlotte (I don't have one of those blogger special names obviously!)

17 February, 2006 10:19  

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