31 May 2006

Exciting things happening in the Mitchell household!

Last weekend we built a garden shed. I know that doesn't sound exciting to all of you, but trust me it is! We don't have a garage, so everything we use for yard work has to go into our basement. We have those cool cellar doors that make me think of tornado alley. I like them, but I have to say that dragging a lawnmower up a flight of steps is not a good time. We also had to keep all shovels, rakes, dirt, fertilizer, grass seed...oh you get the idea.

Tomorrow is Brian's Medical School Convocation. He'll be taking the Hippocratic Oath and receiving his doctoral robes (I think that's what they're called). This is even more important to medical students than the actual graduation ceremony! Congrats Brian, you've worked very hard the last 4 years and you've earned it. I'm proud of you! You all can start calling him Dr. Brian Mitchell any time now!

Last but not least Brian and I are planning a quick mini-vacation to the New York Finger Lakes Wine Region. It's just and excuse for us to take the Mini on a road trip and drink some wine. Though not at the same time of course!


Blogger Erin said...

Yay for the shed! Big, double, gigantic hooray to DR. BRIAN MITCHELL!!! And have fun on your trip! :)

31 May, 2006 20:59  
Blogger Erin said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

31 May, 2006 20:59  
Blogger barbie said...

CONGRATS DR. BRIAN MITCHELL! Kate i'm going to miss working with you, yesterday was my last day. Please keep posting on here. Be safe on your next adventure and i'm sure you will have some good pics when you get home.


01 June, 2006 05:07  
Blogger Beth said...

Congrats Doctor! Love the car Kate! jealous of your new car, some day I too will have a really new car. Beautiful pictures from Samoa and of Charleston, again jealous of the vacation but hey, that's life! Cute kitten but I must say that Diesel really stole my heart at the Race for the Cure!

01 June, 2006 06:11  
Anonymous Scott said...

Congratulations Dr. Mitchell.

09 June, 2006 16:24  
Blogger barbie said...

Did you guys go to five finger lake yet? Hows life going?


23 June, 2006 09:10  

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