07 February 2006

Did you just call me sweet ass?

You might be surprised if you were NZ and someone called you sweet ass. For example, if you were at a restaurant and you ordered your food and your waiter said “sweet ass” as he walked away, you might think, “is he being fresh with me?” However, after you heard this phrase a couple of times and started to wonder if you should be offended, you would figure out the phrase is actually “sweet as…” Apparently this is NZ slang basically meaning “cool.” Not that this happened to us or anything.

There are native birds in NZ called Kea.

These guys like to take pretty much anything you don’t want them to have. They’ve been known to tear parts off cars, unlace people’s boots and steal the laces. So recently, when a car show was coming to town, the Kiwis knew they had to get resourceful to protect all the old cars.

So they hired a local karate club to protect the cars 24 hours a day!!

Last night Brian and I drove to Akaroa to explore and have dinner. It’s about an hour from ChCh, but we took the “tourist road” which added an extra hour on our way there but gave us some great views.

Akaroa is a French whaling settlement from 1840. It’s a cute little town with beaches and mountains all at once. Surprise, I have pictures!

There were a lot of clouds moving around but with the sun coming through it was really pretty.

As we drove home we tried to stop and get some pictures of the sunset. Unfortunately, we never got a good one. Here’s a picture of kiwi-car in the mountains, just to prove the little guy can handle it, even after being violated and having his spare tyre (NZ spelling) and petrol cap stolen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see a Kea with an Ohio driver's license in its beak?
Dad L.

08 February, 2006 07:36  

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