02 February 2006

More New Zealandisms today. Kiwis park their cars in car parks. If you’re going fast, watch out for these:

I have to assume that means speed bumps.

We also have:

Opening hours instead of operating hours.

One more random thing I took a picture of this morning:

I told you guys they didn’t like him down here.

Last night Brian and I went out for dinner. Brian decided to get the beer sampler.

Excuse the blurry picture. It’s hard to discreetly take a picture in a nice restaurant! In case you can’t tell, there are 7 beer samplers on that contraption. Good thing they were small beers!

Another cool thing about NZ is they have Cadbury Cream Eggs ALL YEAR ROUND!!! Most of you probably know how much I love those. I wait all year for Easter to come around so they’ll have them in the States, but they ALWAYS have them here! It’s great!

Aunt Kit, here are the answers to your questions: It’s summer down here, actually, all the kids are on summer break and start back to school on Tuesday. The water is pretty cold in the ocean here, but not as cold as the West Coast (at least I don’t think so). New Zealanders definitely consider themselves much different than Australians. Actually, when there are little kids making a ruckus in the supermarket, they’ll say “those are Australian kids here on holiday.” Australians are viewed as being kinda rough and loudmouthed. At least that’s the impression that I get. And we’ve been here for a week yesterday, so I’m obviously an expert, right?

Thanks to everyone for passing this blog on. I’m really excited about how many people have stopped by to check it out (Hi Darcy and Jeff!). Brian and I are going to have to do something interesting to keep you all entertained! Keep up the comments!


Blogger Gary T. said...

Dear Kate and Brian,
What a great adventure for both of you. You chose your boondoggle well, Brian!
I just took my first visit to your 'blog, and I thank you sharing this trip with all of us. Amazing photos!
Seize the experience, and see you in June!
Uncle Gary

02 February, 2006 22:00  
Blogger Erin said...

I am totally loving the headline!

03 February, 2006 05:41  
Anonymous Carrie said...

Hey Kate and Brian!!! Hope all is going well and from what I see it is!!! I lost the website address (Kate I know sorry) and finally got it at work. Today was my first visit, and I enjoyed reviewing your trip. I enjoyed catching up and reading about your crazy flight day, seeing the old Mazda (which kinda looks like my car..lol'), and all the beautiful pictures of the scenery. I got a huge laugh looking at the beer platter picture.... lol'!!! The pictures of the flowers and ocean waters don't look real. I do have to say how jealous I am of you two right now. Kate we do miss you at work, even though you haven't been gone to long. As of a couple days ago, your favorite patient is back...I bet you can guess the name Otherwise work has been the same, still munchin on our daily popcorn :-) and sipping on carmel cappachinos (hope I spelt that right.)Not to keep writing to much. In closing, Brian I hope your experince at the hospital is a joyous one. Kate, take this time for yourself, don't work one bit (you do it to much here.)Both have fun and keep sending us those gorgeous pictures...

03 February, 2006 07:00  

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