11 February 2006

We had a fairly busy day on Saturday (that’s Friday where you all are). First we drove to Kaikoura, which is a small down North of Chch along the coast. Kaikoura is known for whale watching, dolphin watching and there is a seal colony that lives there as well. The drive there was really beautiful, but a little scary at times. Here is a picture looking back over the road.

You can see the tunnel we drove through on the left side. The tunnels were arch shaped, but they had little corners cut out at the top so semi-trucks could fit through. This road is the main “freeway” on this side of the island, and there were big semis cruising around. The JUST fit through the tunnels, no more than six inches to spare!

Another view of the scenery along the way. That’s the Pacific Ocean.

Mountains, ocean, blue sky, this place really has it all. This is a view back at the main island from a peninsula we drove out on.

Same peninsula, different view.

If you look closely, you can see a seal on the rocks on the left.

We climbed up into a farmer’s field (right alongside the cows) to get this view back along the peninsula. It’s the same view as before, but from about 60 meters higher.

After we got back to Chch we went to a rugby game. It was the Canterbury Crusaders vs Otago Highlanders. They’re crazy about rugby here. Instead of a band they had horses:

These guys came out and rode around a bunch of times with Gothic chanting music playing. It was pretty cool, and a little scary, if you ask me. Their swords were made out of wood though.

Instead of cheerleaders they have the Paul Kelly Motorcars dancers. They were terrible. They looked like the worst strippers from the cheapest club you could imagine. That’s the only way to describe them! Everytime time there was a score they would run out and their goods all around. All that was missing was a stripper pole! At least they left their clothes on.

Although we don’t know the rules of rugby very well at all, we followed along pretty well. We do know that this is a scrum:

The Crusaders won 35 – 12.

Tui is a NZ beer, and if you bought 4, you got a free sombrero. I wore the sombrero first, and after Brian finished all the beers, he wore it:

All in all an interesting Saturday!


Blogger Erin said...

The Pacific looks incredible. Is it as blue as it looks in that one picture? Too bad you didn't see any whales. THAT would have been awesome!

Have a great week!

12 February, 2006 13:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome pics as usual! Wow, I'd love to spend a little time at that beach. The rugby game looked cool too! Sombrero??? What is a bit of a mexican theme doing in NZ....if you order enough NZ beer?

-Brad R.

13 February, 2006 07:25  

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