23 September 2008

Anyone out there?

Is anyone still reading this poor neglected blog? An update is in the works, I swear!


Blogger Erin said...

Be still my heart... Kate blogged!!!

24 September, 2008 06:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? There is life on the west coast? We thought it had fallen into the ocean long ago!

We look forward to your next annual update!

Love U.M & A.K.

24 September, 2008 06:19  
Anonymous Jenny said...

I check back from time to time. Post a blog and tell us what's new!

30 September, 2008 08:46  
Anonymous Beth said...

yay, cause yes I still check this page!

05 October, 2008 09:36  
Anonymous Margaret said...

Me too, I check the page every so often to see if you have posted any updates to life in Portland.

Love to you and Brian.

Margaret (Mitchell) Quinn

11 October, 2008 20:43  
Anonymous MomDadM said...

We check periodically also--whenever we are able to dig out from under all this snow. But, we really shouldn't say anything, given the recent experience you've had in Portland. I am still cringing at Brian's comment about biking to/from on sand and gravel--we guess that works okay, but salt and brine seem like a better combination...

23 January, 2009 08:02  
Anonymous Dad L. said...

We want Phillipines pictures.

10 February, 2009 14:36  

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