15 June 2007

Not too much new and exciting news to post today. It's been a couple of really beautiful days weatherwise. We've been out and about around the town, buying some plants for our patio, checking out some local restaurants and trying to get to know the city as well as we can.

Diesel ended up with an injured paw somehow. He skinned the bottom of his paw and was licking it nonstop so I bandaged it up for him. It never bled and I'm hoping with some creative nursing care we can avoid a costly trip to the vet. His new nickname is tenderfoot, or maybe gimpy, depending on who's calling him!

Today Brian and I went to the Pratt and Larson tile warehouse sale. (Oh mom, you know you're jealous!) Pratt and Larson makes some of the most beautiful tile I've ever seen. The selection at the sale was pretty good, thankfully Brian and I don't have anything to tile so we were able to avoid spending several hundred dollars on tile. We did get some really pretty tiles to use as trivets and coasters. (Grand total, $6) Or maybe just to look at... Anyway, if you're ever in Portland it's worth a trip just to check out the amazing showroom.


Anonymous Jenny said...

Yay! I am glad the you are updating Kate. I'm enjoying reading about your explorations. Even though you are still in the country, it feels like you are back in New Zealand for some reason. Have you started looking for a job? When does Brian start? We'll have to come visit :)

16 June, 2007 18:48  
Anonymous Beth said...

Hey guys! I just wanted to you to know that I am still reading! I am glad that things are going well for you. I might have to have Tom look into his post doc out there! I am glad that Diesel's paw is ok.

22 June, 2007 20:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss you guys so much... decided I would check in on this to see if anything new had occured. I know you guys are always busy so I don't want to call but call me sometime, I miss having you a few miles away. I hope the babies are doing okay... i miss my big lover diesel and trying to gaurd the door from tito bolting. I can't wait to come and visit and while you're apartment looks nice, hopefully i can help around the new HOUSE when i can finally come out there. haha i love you both dearly and can't wait to see you.

All my love

18 July, 2007 15:29  

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