12 June 2007

Yesterday Brian and I took advantage of a non-rainy Portland day and went to the Rose Garden at Washington Park. The garden is very pretty and is terraced so that no matter where you are you're both surrounded by beautiful roses and you have a view of the hills around the city.

The roses were in full bloom and smelled amazing. This particular rose was pretty because each blooming rose was surrounded by several buds.

These roses all seemed to have something to turn and pay attention to. It must have been the sun, but I sure didn't see it!

Tonight we went to a local gelato store. It was pretty good, but no Jeni's. We'll keep trying though!


Anonymous Michelle said...

i came across your name on restaurant widow's site, and had to send you a note.... i went to college in portland (quite awhile ago), and found it to be a wonderful city... after 10 years in the SF bay area, my husband and i now live in columbus, and are quite happy here with the markets, restaurants, food festivals, etc. we were pleasantly surprised, since we didn't think it would be so "foodie oriented"... i still visit portland several times a year, and have found that it has really grown into a foodie town since my college days. i hope you are pleasantly surprised as well! good luck finding some of your own favorites there, and may you feel right at home soon! --michelle

15 June, 2007 08:44  
Blogger kate said...

Thanks for the kind words Michelle, we're excited to learn about all the cool places here, we just need to give it some time. It is definitely a great city. Have a Jeni's ice cream sandwich for me!

15 June, 2007 21:05  

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