11 June 2007

After a couple great days with our Spearfish relatives we contiued our journey west. We came across the small town of Aladdin, population 15.

It was essentially a general store, a very small post office and a couple houses. I asked to use the bathroom at the general store and they kindly referred me to their outhouse.

In the pretty town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho we ate at a restaurant that clearly knows about our cat Tito. (Sorry about the sideways picture!)

Soon enough we arrived at our new Portland home. We're really happy with our apartment. It's got plenty of room for us, a huge walk in closet, it's clean and the location is great. We're just 2 block from the train which we can take anywhere downtown for free. Diesel wasted no time rolling around on the carpet like a madman.

Lily quickly climbed as high as she could and took a nap.

After her nap she was ready for some exploring, including the dryer.

Our apartment also has a fantastic large balcony. I'm looking forward sitting out there with a cup of coffee in the morning!

We've spent the past week eagerly exploring Portland and trying to learn our way around. We arrived right in the middle of the 100th Rose Festival. So there have been all sorts of great activities to check out. Our realtor gave us tickets to a local battle of the bands competition. My favorite was the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers. They were awesome.

We also went to the Grand Floral Parade which is HUGE here. It was cold and rainy but we still enjoyed all action! This is a picture of the Sherriff's Posse. Yeah, I said posse, make the picture big, it's right there on the horses rump.

After all the horses were the pooper scooper teams. My favorite were the ones dressed as nurses with gloves to their elbows and a giant fleets enema on the back of their cart. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them so here is a different clean up crew.

The floats in the parade were really beautiful. They were all decorated with organic materials only, flowers, petals, leaves, seeds, and hay. There was a great dragon with a flaming hoop:

A yellow submarine with the Beatles on board:

And a breast cancer awareness ribbon...

with a trout? Only in the Northwest!

All in all, we're settling in pretty well, and we're looking forward to visitors!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kate and Brian - we have been following your progress out west. We can't wait to visit!! I found out my aunt and uncle have a summer home in Washington state. How convenient!! Beth's Tom just found out he received the Fellowship he had applied for - big news in the research world! Do you have e-mail yet? Let us know when you do...then we can send you any family updates. Keep the blog updated in the meantime - we enjoy seeing the sights of Portland!
Love, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Mark

13 June, 2007 14:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

surely the folks at the idaho restaurant weren't suggesting that tito should be on the menu?

thanks for the link to the lrsd. i went to their website and loved the music being played there, now thinking about buying the cd. the one track on the website made me go to itunes to look for the paul simon song, the obvious child.

glad to see that all is going well and that you are out and about, having fun learning about living in portland.

love and blessings,

15 June, 2007 18:10  

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