29 May 2007

Our trip cross country continued to Mitchell, SD. We had some problems finding places that would allow dogs and weren't complete dives. We found that La Quintas were very nice and pet friendly. We also are staying at the Kelly Inn chain were nice and clearly have everything we need to be happy:

Diesel also made a new friend at the Kelly Inn in Mitchell:

Mitchell is also home to the Corn Palace. Every year the Corn Palace is redesigned by a local artist. This years theme was the rodeo. We enjoyed checking it out!

From Mitchell we continued our drive across the plains of SD. I took a picture out the windshield just so you could have an idea of what I was looking at for 4 hours straight. Note the obscene amount of bugs on my windshield.

At one point I was attacked by a tumbleweed. Again note the amazing number of bugs stuck to my car.

When we stopped at a rest area we saw some interested publications for sale:

We weren't willing to pay for them but they do have websites. www.countrysingles.com and www.diabetescure101.com

We stopped at a roadside attraction on our way across South Dakota to have lunch. The cafe was in an old train car which was just was sweet as could be. I did snap a picture of Brian in one of the dining cars:

Next we stopped and drove through the badlands. We saw a bighorn sheep. You can't really see it in this picture but it's on the grassy area to the right.

Finally we made it to Spearfish, SD. My Aunt Molly and Uncle Pat have a great log home on top of a big hill with views of the Black Hills. We had a nice dinner Monday night and on Tuesday my aunt took us on a great trip through Spearfish Canyon, to Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore

where we saw mountain goats

and the DC Booth fish hatchery.

We ended with a yummy dinner at the local Mexican place, Guadalajara. We had a great stay and tomorrow we head on to Billings, Montana.


Anonymous pdxnecropolis@yahoo.com said...

You left a comment on the "Necropolis" (mausoleum treasure hunt) site and I didn't see a way to respond to your question, except by posting here.

Anyway, that is an utter shame they closed that building to the public! That policy may not be permanent so it might be worth calling them in a few months to check.

As for a recommendation for another cool place to explore, the mausoleum at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery (just south of S.E. Mt. Scott blvd. @ 108th ave.) is pretty huge and interesting.

For another fun way to explore Portland, try geocaching. I've created some fun hunts under the user i.d. "RoyBatty" on geocaching.com

22 May, 2008 01:41  

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