26 May 2007

It's official! We're no longer residents of Columbus, Ohio. We hit the road today for our great cross country trip to Portland, Oregon. It was hard to leave our families, our friends, our coworkers, our neighbors and our house, but we made it through. We made it to Madison, Wisconsin today where we had a yummy dinner from The Nitty Gritty, recommended to us by our dear friends Jill and Adam. The drive today was long, rainy and made even harder by a very upset Tito who does not like to travel in the car. We even had some sedatives from the vet that didn't seem to make a dent! We're going to try a higher dose sooner for tomorrow. Lily and Diesel are travel pros, nothing bothers Lily and Diesel doesn't care what he's doing as long as we're with him. Now all 5 of us are camped out in a hotel room ready for bed!

A couple recent pictures:

Brian, my dad, our neighbor Stu and his helper returning The Stove back down the street to Stu's place. Thanks for letting us use it for a few years Stu and Gail!

The day after our wedding my bridesmaids painted Brian and I'd bedroom from a really terrible baby poop green color to a nice soft cream color. They also left us a message which I remembered to take a picture of this morning.

And finally, one last shot I took of our first home together before we drove away. (sorry, can't rotate the picture for some reason)


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