20 April 2007

Oh holy crap my last post was over 4 months ago! It's been wild crazy here, the house is on the market (and maybe even sold, but more on that later) In order to ease myself back into the world of blogging, here's a little story.

I walked into the guest room and noticed the bed was a little lumpy. I thought, that's strange, I just fixed it this morning (everything has to be rediculously neat when your house is on the market!)

I tried to smooth out the blanket and noticed a lump. So I lifted up the blanket and found:


Then I noticed another lump. I pulled the blanket back and noticed:


These crazy cats crack me up every day!


Anonymous dadm said...

tito and lily were just waiting to leap out on some unsuspecting person looking for a nice, new home for their pets. what would have been truly funny was to have seen diesel try to hide under the covers like the cats.

25 April, 2007 17:00  

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