16 November 2007

Time for a quick update on the house. We're all moved in (but certainly not all unpacked). It's amazing how much better a house feels with all your stuff in it. The bare white walls seem a lot better when they've at least got some furniture and familiar things with them.

First, here's a picture of the house (about time i posted this one!) We're not real crazy about the color and the landscaping leaves a lot to be desired, but come spring the curb appeal with be much, much better!

Here's our stove, almost all the way installed. We had a bit of a problem because then vent guy was standing on it to install the venting for the range hood and he stepped on a sheet metal screw and put a dent in it. He says he's going to buy the replacement part to make it better so hopefully it's a non-issue.

And here's the range hood. We're going to have to build some kind of soffit (don't know if that's how you spell it or even if it's the right word or not...) to hide the strange box up there.

And last, but certainly not least, here are the absolutely amazingly beautiful marble countertops.

Maybe you didn't need to see 5 pictures of the marble, but my mom did!

We're heading back to Ohio tomorrow for Thanksgiving. See everyone then!

03 November 2007

Two posts for the price of one today. I found some super cute pictures of our animals today while I was looking for house pictures. Maybe I've posted some of them before but they're so cute they're worth seeing again.

As soon as we moved into our new apartment Lily had to find all the cool spots.

She explored the dryer:

And the tool chest:

And above the cabinets:

Sometimes she'll curl up with her big brother:

And finally settle on an old familiar spot with her BIG brother:

We couldn't figure out why she was so interested in this paper bag:

but then the secret revealed itself (look closely):

Tito is also really entertaining. The thing about him is that he gets really excited when you find him in a new place.

He has completely taken over Brian's shelf in the closet. He even pushed some clothes off to make it more comfortable for himself:

If you find him in a spot he thinks is cool he'll stretch out and show you his teeth. Here's the stretch, but no teeth:

Here's what happens if you don't make the bed in the morning:

But once you find him it's time for the stretch:

Here he finally made it up to one of Lily's favorite spots. He was so proud of himself I thought he was going to roll off with all the stretching he was doing:

Diesel is also amazingly cute but it's hard to take a picture of a 90 pound beast when he's trying to sit on your lap! We're really lucky to have our pets with us during this big move, they make us smile every day!

I also have to mention that Brian and I are really hoping for a Bucks vs Ducks match up this year. The Big 10 is really under appreciated out here on the west coast and we'd love to show them what we're made of!
Well progress is very slowly being made on our new house! The kitchen has been gutted, plumbing updated (and completely replaced in about half the house, including the main water line from the street). We also had some electrical work done in the kitchen and we started hanging the kitchen cabinets and also did some drywalling.
That's where our range hood will be as well as some cabinets we hope to hang tomorrow.

We also had the hardwood floors refinished. We were so surprised by how beautifully they turned out. Our floor guy was really great, he did a fantastic job.

Last week our appliances were delivered and even though they're all just tucked in the breakfast nook right now, we're very excited to install them!

Hopefully by early next week we'll have some more (and hopefully closer to finished) kitchen pics to share!