23 May 2009

new additions!

I've been talking about it for a year, and last week we finally got our chickens! We got 3 chicks, or as we've been calling them, "little peepers." 2 araucanas and 1 rhode island red. They were about 3 days old when we brought them home. Here they are from left to right: Lucy, Adelaide (Addy) and Ruby.

And here they are doing their favorite activity, eating:

Other favorite activities include sleeping, pecking and peeping (it's the cutest sound!)

They also really love to be outside and scratch around in the grass. Here the girls are playing in the backyard today, they're so much bigger! They have "real" wing feathers and are starting to get tails.

Lucy (front and center there) is one of the Araucanas and she's the sweet one, she likes to be held the most and she's obviously very photogenic! We thought Ruby (the red one) would be the "leader" because rhoadies are supposed to be a little more assertive than the Araucanas. However, Addy (the brown and black one) definitely seems to be the scrappiest at this point. So we'll see what the pecking order (pun intended!) ends up being.

You can also see my super fantastic raised veggie beds in the background, with lots of cool things popping up! They were actually pretty easy to build and then Brian did the heavy lifting and filled them with soil on his post call day (after working 29 hours straight! - i let him take a nap first) (thanks babe!)

More updates to come!