29 July 2006

It's been a while, so here are some updates:

First, my wonderful friend Julie is pregnant. After a few ups and downs early in the pregnancy, we have found out that the baby is a BOY!! I'm am so happy and excited for her and I plan to go out and buy rediculous amounts of cute baby things immediately. And as soon as the little guy makes an appearance I will be heading south to Florida to eat him up!

Brian and I took the mini down to Southern Ohio to drive on the curvy roads last weekend. Brian took a couple pictures on the road:

We had tons of fun testing the handling of the car. I was really impressed by how fast we could take the twisties and still be in complete control. And it was PERFECT convertible weather. 80 degrees and sunny!

Lily and Tito are best buddies now. Everytime we feed them Lily ignores her food and goes after Tito's. He's still fat though, even with the baby cat theiving all his food!

Tito even lets her sit on "his" couch in the guest room.

I made some curtains for our bedroom. After I turned around to admire my work I saw someone had made her way to the top of the ladder...

Till next time!

01 July 2006

I'm a nurse, and everyday I see my patients at their worst. Pain, nausea, depression, just not feeling good. And I can handle that, I can listen to them, reassure them, reposition them, walk them to the bathroom, get them up in a chair and hopefully make them feel a little better. That's the side of the bed I'm supposed to be on. Yesterday, I had to be on the other side of the bed. My grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer recently, and yesterday she died. It's not easy to be on that side of the bed, it's not easy to make that transistion. Dying with dignity is a big phrase in health care, I've taken classes in nursing school and at conferences since I graduated, but nothing made me understand it like what happened yesterday. It was simple, quiet, peaceful and intimate. She died softly, with her family all around, holding onto her until she was ready to go. So I want to say thank you to the doctors, and to the nurses, and to my family, because that was love, and that was for her, and it was amazing. So to my Grandma, who called me Pretty Little Miss Kate Darlin', and always had fruit rollups in the cupboard when we visited, and gave us books every year from the Book Fairy, and knew all the answers to crossword puzzle, I love you and I'll miss you. See you later alligator.